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Head West out of New Orleans and through Texas to the great Southwest. Hear music from the arid desert landscapes of Arizona and New Mexico, and listen to conversations with musicians from the area. Guitarist Duane Eddy helped invent surf music from his home base of Phoenix – hundreds of miles from any beach – and the Tucson band Calexico mold indie-rock styles with Mariachi music. Also writer and musicologist Jack Loeffler describes the sound of the Southwest from his home in Santa Fe.


Back to the beach with “beach music” from both coasts. We’ll talk with California surf guitarist Dick Dale, go lobstering in Maine, and visit Sea Breeze, a historically African-American beach in North Carolina. With music by Charles Mingus, James Brown and Astrud Gilberto.


A visit with the mysterious man of antique popular music Leon Redbone. And from closer to home, Steve Riley and David Greely of the Mamou Playboys play new Cajun music live in our studios. Also, Emmylou Harris, Jerry Douglas and others remember the country musician and riverboat captain John Hartford.


For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health — June is the month for weddings, and American Routes has lots of different takes on matrimony from Cab Calloway, Tammy Wynette, Hank Williams, Etta James and more. Plus a sweet proposal and a look at what makes a good wedding band – the music not the gold. Tune in to American Routes, and we’ll get you to the chapel on time…