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NPR host to help raise funds for folklife center

April 21st, 2010

By Jessica Bloch. ORONO, Maine — One of the best memories Nick Spitzer has of the Bangor area came in 2003 during the second summer of the National Folk Festival. A group of Louisiana musicians called La Bande Feufollet took the stage…

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NPR FOR THE DEF: Q&A With Nick Spitzer, Professor Of American Boogie & Host Of NPR's American Routes

June 29th, 2009

By Jonathan Valania. Nick Spitzer is a folkorist, ethnographer, professor of American Studies at Tulane University and host of the altogether wonderful American Routes — which can be heard locally on WHYY from 2-4 PM on Saturdays and 4-6 PM on Sundays — a heady Creole gumbo of blues, folk, soul, rock and Cajun stylings…

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Ramblin' Man

April 27th, 2009

By Ryan Rivet. Face-to-face, Nick Spitzer speaks with the rhythm of a jazz drummer. Sometimes frenetic and staccato, erupting into a crashing wave of laughter, sometimes slow, mellow, even velvety. It depends on what he’s talking about, and since he’s usually talking about music…

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Digging Routes: Nick Spitzer's Sonic Gumbo is Unlike Anything Else on Radio

April 15th, 2009

By Samuel Hughes. A Saturday afternoon, maybe a Sunday. You might be driving; you might be in the kitchen chopping onions. The radio is on, and when you notice the hour, you flip it to a certain NPR station, just in time to hear the rolling opening bars of “Tipitina,” Allen Toussaint’s interpretation of the Professor Longhair classic….

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Staying on course: Nick Spitzer and 'American Routes' take listeners along journey

January 16th, 2009

By John Wirt. Radio host and folklorist Nick Spitzer has been making the connection between the roots and routes of American music for a decade. Spitzer’s eclectic public radio program, American Routes, celebrates its 10 years tonight at the House of Blues in New Orleans…

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