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American Routes

Tulane University
6823 St. Charles Ave.
202 Alcee Fortier Hall
New Orleans, LA 70118

Station Inquiries
Carriage/billing questions: Ken Mills, publicradio@hotmail.com, 763-513-9988

Support American Routes
American Routes appreciates your donations. In this time of financial difficulty every little bit helps keep us on the air, and helps pay for the bandwith needed to provide our website’s audio features — click here to learn more.

Experiencing Technical Difficulties?
If you’re experiencing difficulties streaming audio from our website on your devises, please check your device’s settings first. Common causes of interrupted streaming are: screen timeout, scheduled cache cleaning, and battery savers. Interruptions also may be caused by the settings on the apps you have on your devise. If changing those settings still doesn’t solve your problem, we suggest posting a question on online forums dedicated to your devise’s specific model and/or operation system.

If you’re having trouble listening to our program via a radio station’s live webcast, please contact the webcast provider.

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