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That old black magic’s got you under its spell in our show honoring All Saints. Tricks and treats from blues goblins, country werewolves, and those who’ve purportedly sold their souls (but not their Soul) for their art. With musical goose bumps from Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Howlin’ Wolf, Sarah Vaughan, and William Burroughs.


We provide this special program with New Orleans hoodoo rock and roller Dr. John as a guest, if you’re not in a money-drawing mode, but still want to keep away the bad luck.


A musical return to that fount of styles called the blues as we take a musical tour of the Mississippi Delta and also visit kinfolk in Memphis, Chicago, and Oakland. We’ll hear about blues roots and routes in conversations with singer Little Milton, Delta Deejay Early Wright—famous for his “snake alerts”—and at a Clarksdale, Mississippi, barbershop where stropping the razor to a beat is an art form.


Songs are often about or dedicated to someone. We dig into some of the great name songs in American music from “Lil’ Liza Jane” to “John Henry” and “Walt Whitman’s Niece.” Also some styles like zydeco nouveau and gunfighter ballads are for calling out names of Creole kings and outlaw heros.. Forgive our host if he plays a few namesake songs, as long as he plays yours too. “Nick Nick bo-bick….”